Working with Engineering Sub-contractors

Sub-Contractors play a vital role in bringing together complex projects, working for Engineering Primary Contractors or directly with End Users. We work with hundreds of Sub-Contractors around the world.

As with many Sub-Contractors, who may be tasked to supply the complete health and safety package for a project, Hughes can help. We provide specialist Sub-Contractors with help and advice on the selection, installation and maintenance of Emergency Safety Showers and Decontamination Equipment. We have the largest choice of equipment available from a single supplier. Products have been specially developed for different applications and to operate in conditions ranging from desert heat to the frozen Arctic.

Confidence is critical when you are specifying lifesaving equipment. That’s why we put quality at the top of our list. Not only in the design and manufacture of our products, but in the service we provide to our customers. You need to know you can trust your supplier and the products and services they provide.

Compliance with leading International Standards, including ANSI Z 358.1 2009 and EN 15154 (1+2), is the starting point. Our accreditation to quality assurance standard ISO 9001:2009 is further evidence of our commitment to quality and our determination to forge successful partnerships with Sub-Contractors.




We recognise the value Sub-Contractors add when installing our showers. That’s why we are committed to offering the best possible value for money and unrivalled technical support at every stage of a project, from planning to commissioning. We also recognise the need for absolute confidentiality and complete transparency in pricing.

Sharing our experience and expertise with a Sub-Contractor customer is the basis of a productive and profitable partnership. Sub-Contractors may also benefit from our ‘trusted supplier’ registrations with many Engineering Primary Contractors and End Users.

If you are a Sub-Contractor working in Industrial Health and Safety and want to talk to Hughes about registration, or require advice on any aspect of Emergency Safety Showers from the selection of products to installation and service support, please contact our office.